PLEASE READ PRIOR TO LOGIN: Safety is our main priority.  A parent/guardian must be aware that you are about to view and participate in this video class. Make sure that you are in a cleared space with no obstructions. THESE VIDEOS ARE EXPRESSLY FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS OF MILLER STREET DANCE ACADEMY.  ANY PERSONS USING THESE VIDEOS HOLD HARMLESS MILLER STREET DANCE STUDIO AND ANY AND ALL TEACHERS, FACULTY AND STAFF FROM INJURY RESULTING FROM USAGE OF THIS VIDEO.  Few important tips – 1) If you aren’t able to use tap shoes in the house, don’t worry!  You can dance in ballet shoes, sneakers or barefoot!  2) Find something sturdy to use as a ballet barre for your ballet classes.  3) We will not be doing skills that require a spotter for acro classes.  We will work on skills that help us stretch and strengthen so that our bodies are ready when we come back!